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Payday business loans are known to be the best payday loans option and specializes in fast corporate loans. Satisfy your cash needs without waiting in long bank lines, avoid the embarrassment of borrowing from friends, or being burdened with crazy late payment fees. Our simple two-step application process is confidential, secure, and will get the money you need today to get your company going again.

It really is that simple!

Need short term business loan? You're not sure where you can turn? Need to pay off a bill, get emergency money for you projects, or perhaps get some needed finances to last your company through next payday, but you do not have time to get for your company a traditional loan? Getting business loan from payday corporate loan may be the solution you are looking for to make your company grow.

How much costs a payday business loan?

The pricing of our loans is very simple. The loan's monthly fee is between 2,15 and 5,20%. The final price is determined on a case by case and you will find it out once you have submitted a loan application. Applying itself is completely free of charge and it does not bind you or your business to anything.

How to apply for a Payday Business Loan

Payday Business loan online is a loan service that provides an effortless solution to the need for a fast loan company. Applying for a loan is conveniently done with a web application.

With our corporate loans service, you can apply for a flexible and reliable loan and determine your loan terms. You can apply for our payday business loan through our services whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a company. A large number of companies have at some point taken a corporate loan for business expansion, inventory replenishment or investment. Corporate credit supports your business growth and helps you with unexpected financing needs.

Financing of investments is one of the most common causes of corporate lending. An investment loan can be taken for example to purchase or extend of premises, to buy machinery or equipment, raw material and materials.

The amount of the corporate loan or the investment loan and the repayment period vary depending on different banks and financial companies. In addition, the financial situation of your company (operating time, turnover, equity ratio, etc.) affects the amount of corporate credit granted. The volume of corporate loans starts at around $1000, and at most, the corporate loan can be borrowed from the bank, investors or the Internet up to millions of euros. The repayment period also depends on a number of factors, but usually the repayment period of online corporate loans are 6 to 24 months.

Applying for a corporate loan is a challenge for SMEs. The euro crisis and slow economic growth have not made funding easier at least. Getting a traditional corporate loan can be very difficult nowadays. How does an SME today get a loan?

At present, however, the corporate loan portfolio decreases despite many good initiatives to improve access to business loans. The economic situation is simply so uncertain that companies do not have the opportunity to borrow more. Inspite of the support measures, banks are not willing to fund the activities of small businesses or, and in particular, start-ups. Only few new companies can offer good enough collateral to get a loan from a traditionsl bank.

In 2014, the average corporate loan rate in Europe was 1.97%. The average interest rate is still currently moving in the corresponding figures. However, statistics may be fooled. In practice, SMEs may have to pay more than 10% interest on the bank, and outside the banks, the annual interest rate will rise to tens of percent. The price of a corporate loan is determined, among other things, by the firm's creditworthiness and the profitability of its business. Of course, the start-up company does not yet have a good cash flow, and therefore the price of the loan also easily reaches the heavens. The quality of the collateral offered affects significantly the price of the corporate loan.

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Contact us if you need a corporate loan or have any questions regarding our services. Our loan service is open from 8 am to 7 pm every day. You can always submit your application 24/7, and we will return to you as soon as we have processed it.

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Applying for a loan is easy and quick. We know that an entrepreneur does not have time to wait, so we'll answer you right away. On weekends, it takes a little longer, but as soon as Monday our employees start processing loan applications, they will contact you. Making the actual loan offer takes over about an hour and half.

What you have frequently asked

Who can get a loan from Payday Business Loans Online?

Corporate loans can be borrowed from companies that meet the following criteria: the company is registered, has a good enough solvency, does not have any payment defaults. The applicant must have the company's right to sign. All corporate forms can be applied for a corporate loan.

How much you can apply for?

You can apply for a loan from 1,000 to 5,000,000 euros. You can decide on the loan amount yourself according to your company's needs.

How long is the repayment period for business loans?

Business Loans have usually from 6-month to 5-year repayment period.

Can I actually influence myself the interest rate of my loan?

Yes you can! For exemple, financial companies that emphasize a lot about the kind of payment history the entrepreneur has had. If there is no problem in the payment history, the risk is lower, so the interest rate is lower.

How many guarantors do we need?

With the smallest credit (2,000-4,500 euros) one guarantor suffices, the larger must have two guarantors.

Can we apply for a business loan even though we have a payment default?

Unfortunately, it will not work. Both the company and guarantors must have clean credit information.

Will we get a loan for the same day on our account?

We pay the loans granted daily from 8am to 7pm on a daily basis. You can speed up payment by choosing a quick payment, so in most cases the payment is received on the same day.